Absorption Trenches are Crucial To Your Septic System, Don’t Risk a Quick Fix

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I have invested over 44 years of my life to the Plumbing & Draining industry. Born an Aussie, my career has carried me all around the world. Much of it working with and installing Absorption Trench Septic Systems, and in places where no other sewerage alternatives existed or were even feasible. From the plains of the African continent to the tiny Channel Isle of Jersey (which in area is hardly larger than Lake Macquarie itself). I've helped people with their Absorption Trenches, Septic System and plumbing needs too. During my years working as a plumber, with people all round the globe, I’ve learned that Septic Tanks and the all important Absorption Trench element is the subject of much confusion. While not exactly rocket science, like anything to do with plumbing and draining, Absorption Trenches need to be done right. In forty-four years on the job, I have seen a lot and it has been a great teacher.