Absorption Trenches are Crucial To Your Septic System, Don’t Risk a Quick Fix

Absorption Trench & Septic Systems

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our Absorption Trench is a crucial but often overlooked piece of your septic tank systems operation.

Your absorption trench is where the treated effluent from your septic system is safely disposed into the environment once the solid material has been removed inside your septic tank system.

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Before engaging anyone to work on your Absorption Trench, please check that they have a either a current Plumbers or Drainers Contactor License.
 Any reputable professional will be licenced and will be happy to show you proof of their current (Plumbers or Drainers) Contactor License. For your own safety and your peace of mind, make certain your contractor is correctly Licenced before you make any commitment.

The effluent flows from your septic tank to your absorption trench area usually by means of a gravity feed. Pumps can be used here too if local conditions make the gravity feed difficult.

The process that takes place in your absorption trench uses a combination of friendly bacteria found in the soil, nearby plants (via the interaction of their root systems) and good old Aussie sunshine to break down the effluent and make it safe before finally being let back into the environment.

This is why maintaining your septic system is crucial. Should your septic tank system be overdue for emptying, untreated solid waste can flow into your absorption trench, limiting its ability to properly dispose of the effluent from your tank.

If left unchecked, this can prematurely reduce the life of your absorption trench and render your entire septic system useless, smelly and dangerous to your health.

On absorptiontrenches.com.au I have uploaded on site absorption trench video and information that I hope you will find useful.

Absorption Trenches are a brilliant way to dispose of septic waste and effectively protect you and your environment for decades if done properly and are helped by timely maintenance to your septic system.

If you are experiencing and Absorption Trench problems or think your tank may be in need of some attention please give me a call (Call Paul 0438 315 514).

In a few minutes on the phone and by answering a few simple questions I can likely determine what type of problem (if any) you may be having with your septic tank system or the absorption trench aspect of your waste disposal.

Give me a call (business hours please), this is my personal number and I can help.


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